Modern Structure is your go-to Residential General Contracting Company that can help guide you through the whole concept of your vision & ideas – to assisting with designing & planning and to include complete project management services through the whole building process of your project.

The Modern Structure Building Process

Vision & Idea

Modern Structure wants to build a relationship that begins with bringing your Dream to life.  Communication & understanding your wants and needs is key. 1st stage – The Initial Meeting, we will discuss your vision, ideas, dreams and overall goals for your project. Together we will determine and capture your vision and work on making it a reality.


We will need to establish your budget. What is your true budget? Are you pre-approved through a bank? Other methods of funding the project? All key questions to gage if your vision, ideas, dreams and overall goals are realistic to your budget. Modern Structure can do a quick calculation to see if things fall in line. If they don’t…. then we can find and explore what will work!


Combining your vision, ideas, dreams and overall goals for your project, we will assist with guiding custom design professionals to develop and refine the preliminary plans as we present them to you through a stage of revision sessions. As we progress through these modifications and changes, we will reach a point that a final master design plan is created for you.


When your master design plan has been finalized, we will work with you on making selections for the entire project. This is a very crucial step in the home building process, as this includes selections of doors, windows, cabinets, lighting, countertops, wall finishes, tile & patterns, floors, hardware and etc.… Once everything has been selected and signed off on, the final cost of the home can be estimated & priced. This proper planning enables Modern Structure to ensure the price for every custom project is captured correctly to minimize the surprises and unknowns during the building phase.


Once final pricing has been established and contracts have been put into place. Now the real fun gets to start…. We get to Build your Vision & Dream! Modern Structure will work closely with you to keep you properly informed throughout every phase of the construction process with our online management software. This will allow you to receive updates and photos of the progression of your project daily.  This will also allow you to have the ability to quickly respond with feedback and questions as they arise.

Time To Move In

Once we have completed everything through a detailed check-list and final walk through of your home…..It’s time to Move In!

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