Sustainable Building


Efforts to improve the state of our environment have been ongoing for generations. There is so much that you, as an individual, can do to help reduce the negative impact you have on the environment. These include: recycling, burning less fuel and saving energy and water by using them efficiently. Did you know that there’s even more you can do? And it starts with your home.


Building sustainably is the practice of being more responsible with how buildings and homes are constructed; from where it’s placed on a piece of land, to how it uses natural resources like water and air. A home that is built sustainably, means that it’s more environmentally friendly from its initial construction all the way through the building’s life. Another term you are likely to be more familiar with is “green building”, and has a very similar meaning. 

At Modern Structure, we put a huge focus on sustainability. Every new home we build in the Evansville, Indiana area; has a purpose to either maintain or improve the quality of the environment surrounding it. 

How do we do this? 

  • We build structures responsibly
  • We reduce the amount of waste created during construction
  • We ensure that water and energy is used efficiently throughout the building’s life
  • We focus on reducing waste and pollution during the construction process
  • We aim to put families in a home that protects their health 


We are big on fostering strong builder-customer relationships. And we do this by keeping you informed throughout the entire building process. We not only assist you in selecting products and building materials to suit your needs; we also guide you through all of the other ways you can reduce your energy usage and your overall carbon footprint.

Sustainability during the building process:

  • We put a focus on recycling and repurposing building material throughout construction
  • We can help you secure a piece of land that is already developed, instead of developing another property and using more resources.
  • We put emphasis on using locally sourced materials in an effort to reduce transportation waste.
  • We work closely with you on the design and floor plan of your home or detached structure, so we can make the most efficient use of natural light and ventilation.
  • We build with materials that have reflective coatings in warm climates or energy absorption in extreme climates.


Sustainability after the building process:

  • Your new home or detached structure has a low HERS rating; meaning your home is built to be more energy efficient. This means you save more money on your monthly utility bill. 
  • Your structure will continue to improve your quality of life through proper ventilation, moisture barriers and reduction of energy use. 


When you build your forever home with Modern Structure; you aren’t just helping the environment, you’re also improving your quality of life.

  • A sustainable home provides you with cleaner, fresher air and more consistent temperatures throughout the home. 
  • Building your new home or detached structure pays for itself through lower energy bills.
  • A home built by Modern Structure is built with higher quality materials, meaning less time spent maintaining your home, and more time enjoying it.
  • With better materials; your risk for excess moisture and mold is reduced, providing better health for you and your loved ones. 
  • And of course, we want you to feel good about the home you live in. Living in a home that not only improves or maintains the environment, but it upgrades your life. 


We would love to talk in more detail with you about our green building efforts. To schedule a free building consultation with us, fill out this simple form, and we will get into contact with you.


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