Modern Home Design: Make Your Home Work For You
Modern Home Design: Make Your Home Work For You


Building a “Modern Style Home” doesn’t only describe the way it looks, but also describes the way it functions. Straight, clean lines, darker hues and black trimmed windows are only part of the story. To us, a modern style home is one that is built to be both stylish and multifunctional to fit your modern lifestyle. A modern, custom home stands out from the sea of beige tone homes and brick exteriors, and maximizes your space as well as your budget. Read below to learn more about our take on Modern Home Design, sustainability and energy efficiency. 

Modern Home Design: Make Your Home Work For You

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Set a new Standard for Your Custom Modern Style Home

Typically, you see homes built with the same basic elements: These include a dishwasher, stove, oven, bathtub, shower, toilets, sinks, microwaves, kitchen islands and more.

But what if one or more of these doesn’t serve you? A Modern Style Home is one that should serve purposes that are unique to you, while deleting, or modifying, the elements that don’t work for you. 

Modern Style for Your Kitchen

Your cooking and baking habits are different from everyone else. If you’re big into baking cookies and pies, you’ll require more oven space and countertop space for prep and cooling. If you cook gourmet meals on the regular, you likely need more storage space for utensils, a larger pantry, deep sink, and innovative cabinetry that make organizing easy. 

If you’re more of a takeout person, think about scaling down the size of your kitchen and including less storage to make room for things you will make use of. Instead of a large kitchen island for food prep; you could repurpose the space into flex workspace. 

Despite the size of your custom kitchen; consider using clean, sharp lines, cabinet lighting, sleek solid surface countertops and a simple color palette. Modern design is meant to simplify and declutter your busy life! 

Maximize Space with a Custom, Thoughtful Master Bath

Your master bathroom is a space that you will undoubtedly spend time in as you get ready for work, a night out or need time to unwind. A Modern style bathroom has to meet your specific needs. Do you use a bathtub regularly, or are you more of a shower person? If you’re not using a bathtub regularly, or at all, eliminate it! Make space for a larger, more luxurious shower that you’ll use daily. Modern Style is simple, functional and beautiful. 

At Modern Structure, we prefer to use low water usage showers and toilets to reduce your water usage and save you more money throughout your home’s life. Thoughtful & conservitive building is Modern building. 

Functional, Stylish Floor Plans for a Modern You

A Modern floor plan is fresh, new and made for you. Wide open common spaces that can function as gathering space, work space and more is a quintessential element of a modern home. We make it a point to utilize windows and doors to maximize your space and make use of natural lighting. Strategic placement of doors increases flow inside your home to the outside. Straight line home design creates clear paths to each side of the house for easy travel throughout your home.  Each of these design strategies aims to increase energy efficiency, save you money and create a living space that is uniquely yours. 

To view this modern style floor plan in more detail, visit this link.

Modern Curb Appeal

Modern living is thinking outside of the brick box. A Modern style home exterior has defined geometry by its contrasting colors and textures. At Modern Structure, we build your home to stand out against the typical brick and vinyl siding homes by using natural materials like wood and stone with contrasting colors. Your home exterior exudes calm, quiet vibes with its simplistic, clean lines and geometry. Landscaping surrounding the home tones down its sometimes darker facade and helps blend the home into its natural surroundings and easier to maintain.

Benefits of Building a Modern, Sustainable Home 

At Modern Structure, we put a focus on saving energy and resources. We do this starting with the site selection and construction phase. For more information on our sustainable build efforts, visit our website

  • We can help you find a proper site to build on and then position your new home in a certain way that increases its energy efficiency by using natural resources, like water and sunlight, more effectively. 
  • Your new custom home is built using local supplies & manufacturers to reduce the amount of pollution & energy consumption from transportation. 
  • We use natural woods for trim, accents, doors, siding and floors
  • We always place higher energy rated materials inside your home such as spray foams, insulation, LED lighting, low-water usage plumbing, and energy rated appliances.
  • To increase your quality of life and save you more cash, we use higher rated mechanicals & HVAC equipment to maximize efficiency & performance and improve air quality inside your home. 
  • When possible, we use recycled products such as siding, carpets, counters, lumber, glass and steel. 

Bottom line, a modern style home built by Modern Structure provides you with a unique, multifunctional living space that isn’t like every other home on the block. Its intelligent design decreases energy usage and takes advantage of natural airflow and sunlight to help you save money through the lifespan of the home. Do away with typical home elements that don’t suit your lifestyle and start living a modern, simplified life. 

Are you ready to talk about your custom modern home plans? Click here to get a hold of us to set up a free building consultation. We pride ourselves on our dedication to you, the customer, from initial contact to your move-in day. 



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