Tips for Building the Ultimate Detached Garage


It happens all the time. You move into a new home and just a few years later, you’re wishing you had more space. Whether you’ve adopted a dog or two, purchased a new vehicle, or welcomed children into your home, you just need more room.

So, now you have a choice to make. You could sell and build a larger home, build an addition to your current home, or start thinking about adding garage space. In this blog, we’re talking about the many advantages of building a detached garage on your property. And, we’re giving you tips for designing and building the best detached garage.

What is a Detached Structure?

A detached structure is any additional building on your property that is not attached to your home. This building can be used as living space, or non-living space. Typically, the type you live in would have interior walls, plumbing, electricity, and air conditioning. Non-living detached structures usually don’t have many interior walls, but have large open areas for storage. 

3 Basic Ways to Frame a Detached Structure:

  1. Standard pole barn structure: This is likely your cheapest option, but rotting and structural issues could occur later in its lifespan. 
  2. Post frame structure: This option is built on an actual foundation giving you the opportunity to build a taller or larger building.  
  3. Stick built framed structure: This is a more traditional type of framing. The building structure, walls, trusses, and roof are made of loose lumber.

During the design phase, we talk to our customers about how they want to use their detached structure. From there we recommend the best framing option to meet your needs and your budget. We’ll talk more about the different uses of detached structures later. 

Should I Build an Attached or Detached Garage? 

Now that you know you need more space, the question is: should you build an attached or a detached garage? 

Your decision will likely depend on:

  • How you want to use the space
  • The amount of land you have available to build on
  • Your budget
  • Your Homeowners Association regulations

An attached garage is one that is connected to your existing home. If you own an older home, you may not have one at all. If you have one already you may be considering making it larger.

We find that many people prefer detached garages for their looks. When you build a detached garage on your property, you can make it look just like your home, or you can use colors and materials that disguise it. 

Benefits of detached garages include:

  • More flexible space
  • More privacy
  • More customization options
  • Easier to expand on later 
  • Can add value to your home
  • Added security over using rental storage space for larger items
  • Easy access to your belongings
  • Don’t have to worry about demolishing an existing attached garage

An attached garage, especially if you need a large one, can end up damaging your home’s curb appeal. But, they can also be easier to build since you can take advantage of existing utilities from your home. 

Benefits of attached garages include:

  • *Sometimes cheaper to build
  • Easy access to your house
  • More convenient, especially in bad weather
  • Can add value to your home

Tips for Planning and Designing the Ultimate Detached Garage

The ultimate detached garage looks different for everyone. There is no right or wrong answer! The first step in planning your garage is to decide how you want to use it.

Uses For Detached Structures and Garages:

  • A unique home complete with an outdoor covered porch and garage space
  • A detached garage to store a vehicle, boat, R/V, ATV’s, side By sides or motorcycles
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
  • A pool house for changing clothes, drying off, entertainment, bathroom and storage 
  • A workshop with plenty of room for tool storage 
  • Flex space to suit several purposes 
  • An entertainment area with pool table, TV, kitchenette and bathrooms
  • A guest house for visiting family and friends
  • Nearby living space for aging family members 
  • Office space finished out with a bathroom and a kitchenette 
  • Toy storage
  • Kennel space for pets 
  • A “she shed” for relaxing, working, creating or entertaining 

The best part is, your detached garage can serve more than one purpose. A knowledgeable builder can help you design a beautiful, safe, multi-use structure. 

Ways to Make Your Detached Garage Better

After you’ve decided how you want to use your extra space, consider these upgrades.

  • Build it with energy efficient windows, doors, insulation
  • Use the same exterior finishes to match your home 
  • Build it so you have room to expand later

Designing a Detached Garage: What to Avoid 

Avoiding these mistakes will save you a lot of money and headaches in the future.

  • Sizing it based on your current needs. We suggest building slightly bigger than what you think you need.
  • Building with cheap materials. The cheapest route is not designed to last forever. Instead, use high quality building materials to avoid costly repairs down the road. 
  • Blocking off access to other areas.  Be sure your new building won’t block access to your backyard, driveway, pool area, etc.

Call Modern Structure – Experienced Home Builder in Evansville, Indiana

Building a detached garage on your property can be tricky. Like building a home, there are regulations and building codes to follow. We highly recommend talking to an experienced builder before you consider doing it yourself. 

If you’re looking for a unique, multifunctional, and energy efficient detached structure, give Modern Structure a call. We’d love to sit down with you to talk about your needs! Together we will design and build a detached structure that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

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